Recommended Myungyeol/Yeolsoo Fanfictions [Update]


they’re in love

Well guys you know that I obsessed with Myungyeol/Yeolsoo right?

Nah.. this is list of awesome Myungyeol/Yeolsoo Fanfictions from awesome Author.

I’ll update this list if i found new awesome story.


1.  Staring Daggers (Sungyeol/Myungsoo) (by: quirke.livejournal)

2.  Through The Lens; Myungyeol (by: napookie.livejournal)

3.  Hate That I Love You; Myungyeol (by: jjajangmyung_ AFF)

4.  Still In Love With You; Myungyeol (by: jjajangmyung_ AFF)

5.  The Raven and the Dove; Myungyeol (by: EternallyLimitted AFF)

6.  For A Happy Ending; Myungyeol (by: hopefulagain AFF)

7.  Crazy Love; Myungyeol (by: NeverlandParadise AFF)

8.  My Beautiful Target; Myungyeol (by: aoipeach15 AFF)

9.  Fairytale’s Kiss; Myungyeol (by: seenakwon AFF)

10. Myungyeol Oneshot Collection; Myungyeol (by: NeverlandParadise AFF)

11. A Boy In Love; Myungyeol (by: seenakwon AFF)

12. The World Where You Exist; Myungyeol (by: seenakwon AFF)

13. The Instincts of Love; Myungyeol (by: EnternallyLimitted AFF)


14.  You should stop pretending; Myungyeol (by: MiraKim AFF)


15.  Somewhere Only We Know; Myungyeol (by: Hidaya25 and CrazyRihab AFF)

16.  And The Chase Begins; Myungyeol (by: Penguin55 AFF)

17.  One Jar of Happiness; Myungyeol (by: YeolMonster AFF)

18.  White Carnations; Myungyeol (by: ChoomNami AFF)

19.  Sealed with a Kiss; Myungyeol (by: YeolMontser AFF)

20.  Hurricane’s Chasing Us; Myungyeol (by: xkeeki AFF)

21.  He’s My Soul; Myungyeol (by: NeverlandParadise AFF)

22. Sungyeol the Stupid Love Doctor; (by: AsianNoodles AFF)

Well, there’s many more awesome Myungyeol/Yeolsoo fanfictions but I can’t type it here. because i forget the tittle.

oh yeah, if you guys found awesome Myungyeol/Yeolsoo fanfictions, please let me know it by comment :3